Jan Homer

The founder of the Georgian tennis. The deserved trainer of Georgia.The champion of Georgia in 1918-1927. The playing trainer in the Games of peoples of the USSR in 1928, when the team of Georgia was the second.  First trainer of  Eduard  Negrebetsky  and  Archil Mdivani

Archil Mdivani

One of the strongest tennis players in the history of the Georgian tennis. The champion of the USSR in the pair category together with E.Negrebetsky in 1934-1936.Was one of the ten strongest players of the USSR(1931-1936). In 1937 hi was repressed. First trainer J.Homer

It is devoted to the memory of the founder of the Georgian tennis Jan Homer and  of the legendary Georgian maestro Archil Mdivani

Development of tennis has taken basis since the end of XlX century. Manager of the English Company "Forward and Salinas" John Tarsey (married to a Georgian)  brought into Chiatura-city of manganese a new game Lawn Tennis.  Georgians liked the game. Outstanding tennis player and coach Jan Homer (1898-1981) wrote in his recollections that Tsereteli's whole family and famous poet himself was gladly enjoying tennis performance. This sport spread later from Chiatura in Tbilisi and Batumi.  At the end of 20th century Georgian Tennis has celebrated its 100th anniversary. According to its results and success Georgian Tennis alongside Football and Basketball was taking leading position in Georgian Sport for many years

Georgia in "DavisCup"  Jan Homer Stadium in Tbilisi  Modern Tennis Players of Georgia  Georgia in "Fed Cup"

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